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Rich in the Heritage of the Bluegrass.

Training + Stabling  
Farm Services + Fence Materials 

Weddings + Events



Training + Stabling 

Farm Services  

Weddings + Events

Fence Materials 



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I cannot say enough great things about the venue. From day one they answered all of my questions in a quick manner. They walked me through the entire process and were with us all weekend through decorating, the main event, and clean up. Emily even stood in the bridal suite with me and helped calm my nerves right before I walked down the aisle. They went above and beyond in every aspect. The venue is beautiful and made for great pictures.


 I loved this tour because it felt like the polar opposite of a tourist trap. Everyone who worked there seemed to be consumed with their love for horses. We watched the horses doing their morning exercise on the track and got to talk with one of the riders. We also spent time visiting close up with about six horses in one of the barns. I didn't know much about racing and learned a lot from this tour.


Absolute pleasure to work with and very accommodating!


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