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7 Ways to Support Small Business at Your Wedding

Supporting local businesses on your wedding day can add a personal touch and make your day completely unique to you and your fiance! Today I’m sharing 7 ways to support local businesses at your wedding.

Use a local favorite for catering

What is your part of the country known for when it comes to food? Chances are there’s a great local restaurant that also caters to large-scale events.

For us in Kentucky, it’s all about BBQ. It’s down-home cooking that warms the soul and generally, everyone likes it. Even better? It’s cheap. And when you’re talking about feeding a couple hundred people, keeping the cost per plate reasonable is a definite plus!

If your local delicacy is a bit out of budget for a full plated dinner (i.e. Maryland oysters or something of the like), consider featuring it as an appetizer or setting up several small-bite food stations. That way everyone gets a taste of local flavor, but it doesn’t break the bank.

Use local bakeries

Whether it’s a wedding cake designer or a long-standing local favorite, give your local bakers and bakeries a try! Weddings are evolving and no longer require a formal wedding cake that is sliced up for everyone. Many couples are opting to have a “cutting cake” for the bride and groom (and let’s be real, mainly for pictures) and then an additional dessert for guests. This could be anything from donuts and cupcakes to pies or cookies. The options are endless and can reflect you and your fiance’s favorite sweet treat.

Feature local beer, wine, or spirits at the bar

Bring in your favorite local brew! Or wine or liquor for that matter. But, make sure you ask your venue what their rules are alcohol are. If they have their own liquor license, they’ll have to provide the alcohol. If that’s the case, ask if they have access to some of your local favorites and see if they can put together an all local bar selection.

Hand out a locally-made product as a favor

For all of your out of town guests, this is such a fun way to showcase your region and support small business! Is there a brand that locals rally behind? Maybe one of their products would be a fun wedding favor!

For example, Ale-8-one is bottled in a town just outside of Lexington and locals go crazy for it. This bride’s favors included a personalized cup, personalized koozie, a mini bottle of Ale-8-One, and an Ale-8-One lollipop. Easy, cute, and supported a local favorite!

Even if there’s not a recognizable brand based in your city, you can still show off your local culture! Mini potted succulents would be great for a couple getting married in the southwest or a mini-bottle of sand would be perfect for a coastal wedding in California, Florida, or Hawaii.

Buy your dress from a local wedding boutique

The customer experience is reason enough to stop by your local wedding boutique to say yes to the dress instead of a chain. Think personalized appointments for you and your girls to sip mimosas and find your day-of look with the help of a wedding gown professional.

Book a local venue

Traditional hotel ballrooms will always be there, but if it fits your style, why not try looking into local wedding venues? Whether you are looking for a historic site, estate, barn, or industrial space, there may be a local option.

Support local vendors

Chances are your vendors are going to be local to the area you are getting married in, so this one is easy! Most wedding vendors tend to be small businesses or solo entrepreneurs hustlin’ to make your wedding dreams come true. Being a part of Lexington wedding industry has blown me away, friends! I am constantly amazed by the professionalism and passion that the vendors I’ve worked with demonstrate through their businesses. The weddings I’ve been a part of really wouldn’t have been what they were without the dedication of local vendors. So shop around, find who you click with and support your local industry professionals.

I hope this posts gets your gears turning about how to incorporate some of your local favorites into your wedding day! Let me know in the comments how you plan to support local businesses on your big day.

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